Ages 3 - 6

It is Montessori of Macon’s belief that the child’s work is internal and is motivated by a sense of self-worth and self-confidence gained through “learning by doing.” With this as a focus of the classroom, the child becomes an independent learner eager to experience the various areas of the classroom and outdoor environments. The primary classroom is rich with Montessori materials that await each child's moment of interest in practical life, sensorial, social and cultural studies, math, language, science, music, and art. Practical life activities support the growth of focus and concentration, as well as foster independence in the care of themselves and their environment. Sensorial materials allow the child to develop perceptual and sensory abilities and refine their observational skills, laying the critical foundation for future learning based in reason and judgment. The primary classroom fosters a student’s inner curiosity and love of learning while providing a secure and comforting environment to explore.

Montessori of Macon primary students:

  • learn valuable life skills such as tying shoes, cleaning up after themselves, conflict resolution, etc.
  • gain a sense of independence while being given the space to try new things in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • are supported by a classroom designed for primary age students where everything is just the right size for them.
  • can choose to work independently or with a peer.
  • celebrate the diversity in the classroom and learn compassion for people of different cultures.