Montessori of Macon was founded in 1991 and is accredited by the American Montessori Society and AdvancEd. The mission of Montessori of Macon is to “educate the whole child for a whole world.” The classrooms are designed to support all areas of child development – academic, physical, social and emotional. Montessori of Macon is a private school serving students 18 months through 8th grade.



Our beautiful campus is located on 9.3 acres surrounded by natural woods and streams. This secluded and serene location provides a peaceful learning environment, which enables our students to explore their natural surroundings in play as well as in their studies.


A Montessori education provides students with the opportunity to grow, learn and develop into responsible and independent individuals with a broad prospective of the world we live in. Students in a Montessori classroom are respected for their individuality and encouraged to explore their interests. The innate love of learning students possess is cultivated in the classroom by providing students with experiential learning opportunities. At Montessori of Macon, students are:

  • able to manipulate concrete objects to gain experience and knowledge in subject areas.

  • offered a well-rounded curriculum including foreign language, yoga, cooking, gardening, and peace education.

  • involved in the care of the classroom environment, care of classroom pets, and care of self.

  • able to benefit from a multi-age classroom where older students become leaders and younger students learn from their peers.

  • challenged while also encouraged to pursue individual passions.

  • given the opportunity to learn valuable critical-thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills.

  • given freedom of choice within the limits of the structured classroom environment.

  • exposed to different cultures through stories, cuisine, interactive dialogues, creative expression, and diverse community.

  • active learners who are engaged in the learning process.


A year-round calendar reorganizes the school year so the traditional instruction period is distributed throughout the year with regularly scheduled breaks interspersed. Montessori of Macon’s school year starts mid-July and runs on a cycle of four 9-week school sessions and 3-week breaks in the fall, winter and spring. During the summer, Montessori of Macon has a 6-week break. For our working families, Montessori of Macon offers camp during most of our breaks. Please check the school calendar for camp dates.