Grades 7 & 8

Walk into the classroom and you will see teachers and students collaborating in a dynamic learning environment. While each course offered will have its own objectives, it is through the integration of subjects that students see the interrelationships of concepts and gain a broader perspective. The mission of the program is to provide opportunities for adolescents to be self-confident and gain self-knowledge, to belong to a community, to learn to be adaptable, to be academically competent and challenged, and to create a vision for their personal future, thus, to empower early adolescents.  The goal is for each student to mature into a self-motivated, life-long learner.

In the Middle School Program, the academic day includes lessons for groups and individuals as well as independent work time. The curriculum integrates academics with hands-on, practical work. The subjects undertaken are cosmic in scope. The curriculum is set up in a way that allows students to frequently return to periods of history and scientific concepts previously discussed, adding depth and increasing understanding. Students expand their knowledge in math, science and technology through real-world applications such as planting and maintaining a year-round garden, growing an agricultural business that includes chickens and utilizing surrounding woods and creeks for science studies. The middle school students enhance cooperative skills through community building activities as well as community service. Students complete the middle school program prepared for the rigors of high school.

Why choose the Montessori of Macon Middle School program?

  • Students are engaged in hands-on learning with real life application.
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and mentorship opportunities.
  • Community building is ingrained in the curriculum enabling each student to feel they are part of the classroom community.
  • The challenging academic curriculum still allows for balance.