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Middle School Curriculum

Montessori of Macon’s Middle Years Program of work and study, is specifically designed to meet the adolescent developmental needs.  The Middle Years Program's mission is to assist the development of students as academically and creatively engaged, community-sensitive, socially responsible people of sound body and mind. Success in this mission is more a function of the self-discipline and the attitude of the student than of the student's academic aptitude.

In the Middle Years Program (MYP), the academic day includes lessons for groups and individuals as well as independent work time. Assignments are contractual between the student and teacher.  Student/teacher conferences are conducted as needed, daily if necessary.

The curriculum employed in the MYP imaginatively integrates an interdisciplinary approach to academics with hands-on, practical work. The subjects undertaken are cosmic in scope. Students spiral through the curriculum in such a way that allows them to frequently return to periods of history and scientific concepts previously discussed, adding depth and increasing understanding.

Students expand their knowledge in math, science and technology through real-world applications such as planting and maintaining a year-round garden, building structures that support a growing agricultural business that includes goats and chickens, managing a business enterprise by providing a whole-campus weekly pizza day, and using the surrounding woods and creeks for science studies.