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High School Curriculum

Walk into MOM’s high school and you will see teachers and students collaborating in a dynamic learning environment. While each course offered will have its own objectives, it is through the integration of subjects that students see the interrelationships of concepts and students gain a broader perspective. MOM’s High School curriculum offers a college preparatory course of study for students. Some students in the eleventh and twelfth grades will be ready to take advanced courses at area colleges through dual/joint enrollment programs. Students can earn core college credits while simultaneously meeting MOM’s high school graduation requirements. Montessori of Macon does not see its responsibility as solely to prepare students for college, but rather to prepare students for life. As in all our classrooms, students continue to hone lifelong skills such as time management, independence, problem solving, research skills, accountability, etc. Another unique aspect of MOM’s high school is an emphasis on facilitating students with their career and life choices. Students at this developmental stage have a higher level of concern about their future and their role in life. Through mentorships and internships, students in eleventh and twelfth grades are able to explore career options in the real world.