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Tuition and Fees

Parents enter into a contract with Montessori of Macon to pay annual tuition fees, and may elect to pay in a lump sum or 12 installment payments (June 1 to May 1). A discount of $150.00 may be subtracted from the annual tuition amount if the tuition is paid in full before May 15th.

Yearly School Fee

In addition to the tuition fee, a $275.00 non-refundable School Fee is due upon the signing of the tuition contract between parents and school for each child each year. Contracts for returning students must be submitted with the school fee by February 5, 2016 in order to ensure placement for the child at Montessori of Macon for the 2016-2017 academic year.

New Student Fees

A $50.00 non-refundable application fee is due upon submission of written application for admission of each new student.

A $100.00 non-refundable registration fee is due upon initial acceptance of each new student to Montessori of Macon.

Sibling Discount

A Sibling Discount is offered as follows (before School, Application, and Registration Fees are added, on the lesser tuition rate)

  • 2nd child - 25% discount on the lesser tuition
  • 3rd child - 25% discount on the lesser tuition
  • 4th child and additional children - 50% discount on the lesser tuition

Parent Power Requirement

Montessori education celebrates the involvement of the entire family in the school community. In addition to regular tuition fees, each family must provide five (5) hours of documented service ("Parent Power Hours") to the school, or pay an additional $50.00 per month School Service Fee. Families choosing to meet this obligation by providing service to the school may meet the requirement with a combination of documented service and contributions. For example: A parent might fulfill one month's requirement by spending $10.00 on supplies for a classroom pet, and spending four hours transporting and chaperoning students on a field trip within the month. The tuition invoice for each month includes a tear-off portion which requires that each family either document the manner in which the Parent Power requirement has been satisfied for that month, or remit the appropriate monetary School Service Fee up to $50.00 for the month. Parent Power Hours or contributions may be "banked," i.e., a parent who provides more than five hours of service or $50.00 in contributions in a given month may carry the hours/contributions over to the following month, however this must be documented on the tear-off portion of the invoice when it is returned to the school. Parents should understand that the Parent Power requirement is not limited to service in their particular child's classroom.

Paying in Installments

Parents may elect to pay tuition and extended care fees in 12 equal installments (June 1 to May 1). Monthly installment payments are assessed beginning . Monthly installments are due the first day of each month (June 1 to May 1). For students enrolling after the first day of school, the annual tuition will be pro-rated and the tuition may be paid in the remaining number of installment payments available.

2016- 2017 Tuition and Fee Schedule


Class LevelAnnual Tuition 12 Monthly Installments
Toddler Half Day$5640.00$470
Toddler Full Day$7680.00$640
Primary Half Day$5640.00$470
Primary Full Day$7680.00$640
Lower Elementary$8040.00$670
Upper Elementary$8160.00$680
Middle School$9000.00$750
High School$9240.00$770