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Our Faculty

The lead teachers at Montessori of Macon hold MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Commission for Teacher Education) credentials for the developmental level they teach. All of our lead teachers hold a four-year undergraduate degree. Several members of our staff have postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields, and all lead faculty teachers are trained in overlap curriculum to accommodate children at either end of the developmental curriculum.

Montessori of Macon’s teachers are trained professionals who have an extensive knowledge of curriculum content and skills application, are meticulous engineers of the classroom environment and, most importantly, are masters of observation. In this way, the developmental needs of the individual child, cognitive, affective, and physical, are addressed on a daily basis and throughout each three-year Montessori cycle.

The teachers and support staff at Montessori of Macon have a variety of professional backgrounds, but all have made the conscious decision to adopt a philosophy and pedagogy with a mission to “Follow the Child".   All faculty and staff must abide by the AMS Code of Ethics.

All members of our staff are required to participate in ongoing professional development through in-service training, attendance at national Montessori conferences and symposia, membership in professional organizations, and constant self-reflection.

The qualities of grace, courtesy, and compassion are exemplified by all at Montessori of Macon so that the adult may serve as a role model for the child.

Employment and Training Opportunities

Montessori schools have proven successful all over the world with children from a variety of backgrounds and environments. However, Montessori is not a trademark, and one must discriminate when pursuing training or employment. At Montessori of Macon it is required that teachers have a credential from an American Montessori Society, Association Montessori Internationale, or other MACTE-approved teacher training center. These training courses are graduate-level studies and are often combined with master’s-degree credit. The cost of training a Montessori teacher ranges from $7,000 - $15,000, depending on level and location. A four-year undergraduate degree is required for admission to accredited training centers. Approximately 500-800 contact hours of lectures and methodology practicums take place during summer training sessions and throughout a two-to-three- year course of study followed by apprenticeship in an approved classroom. While in training, each student teacher is required to construct materials, acquire observational skills and techniques, and complete assigned papers and readings. While these training courses are both intensive and taxing, they lay a strong philosophical and pedagogical cornerstone for the new professional Montessorian and a touchstone for personal development.

Montessori of Macon continues to recognize its role in supporting a pool of trained professionals. The school is committed to sponsoring teacher training through its scholarship program and internships. Individuals interested in pursuing training or internship through Montessori of Macon, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Schedule an appointment to observe in the classrooms. Allow at least two hours.
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with the Education Director.
  • Research Montessori and become familiar with key concepts.
  • Meet with teachers in the field for discussion and reflection.
  • Submit in writing your desire to participate in training or internship at Montessori of Macon, providing a brief synopsis of your decision and goals.
  • Complete the required forms and contracts prior to participating in the classroom and/or training program.