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About Us

Montessori of Macon is the only school in the middle Georgia area to offer the benefits of a Montessori education to children age 18 months through high school. We are fully accredited by the American Montessori Society as well as the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

At Montessori of Macon, our mission is to “educate the whole child for a whole world.” By "the whole child", we mean the social, emotional, physical, spiritual, and intellectual aspects of being human.

Montessori of Macon offers seven classrooms:

  • Toddler I and II (age 18 - 35 months)
  • Primary I and II (ages 3 - 6 years)
  • Lower Elementary I and II (1st - 3rd grade)
  • Upper Elementary (4th - 6th grade)
  • Middle School and High School (7th - 12th grade)

Our classrooms are carefully prepared environments where children are enabled to work at their own level and pace. Multi-age-level classrooms offer older children the opportunity to serve as teachers and role models for younger children. All classrooms are fully equipped with Montessori educational materials, which provide a progression from concrete, hands-on learning to the abstraction of concepts and development of critical thinking skills.

Our teaching staff includes certified Montessori teachers who have been trained by accredited Montessori teacher training centers. Teacher training prepares our faculty to create dynamic, interactive learning environments which encourage each child to reason, cooperate, collaborate, negotiate, and understand. The Montessori teacher functions as a resource person, role model, demonstrator, record-keeper and meticulous observer of each child’s development.

Montessori of Macon continues to add specialty teachers to enhance the education of our students. In additional to the traditional academic subjects, art, foreign languages, and music are a part of our curriculum.

Organizational Structure of the School

Montessori of Macon is a parent-owned school formed as a non-profit corporation under the name The Whole Child – Whole World School, Inc., in 1991.   Adopting the Montessori philosophy in 1993, the school began doing business as Montessori of Macon.  All parents and full-time staff are voting members of the corporation. Since 1991, the parents of Montessori of Macon have provided leadership to the school through an elected Board of Directors who provide strategic support and hire school directors to oversee the day-to-day school operations.

Parents and full-time staff are voting members of the corporation.  The members elect a Board of Directors.  This board is comprised of six elected parent volunteers, the two school directors and one to three appointed community positions.  Parent board members serve a two-year term and are eligible for re-election.  The Board of Directors is responsible for the strategic support of the mission of the school both in its educational programs and administrative leadership.  The Board of Director’s roles and responsibilities are outlined in the corporation’s by-laws. Monthly Board meetings are open to all members of the corporation.  It is this shared responsibility that has allowed Montessori of Macon to grow from a one-classroom school in a leased building to owning land and building classrooms that reflect the mission and purpose.

The day-to-day operations of Montessori of Macon are the responsibility of the Education Director and Business Director, who together co-direct the school.  The Education Director is responsible for curriculum, educational philosophy, teaching staff, parent education, etc.  The Business Director is responsible for financial transactions, admissions, marketing, purchasing, etc.  Directors communicate and work together to maintain a consistent approach to implementing the mission of Montessori of Macon.  An Administrative Assistant supports directors and staff.

Each August, Montessori of Macon holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM).  A representative from each family is required to attend.   At this meeting, the Board of Directors reviews the School’s Annual Report, the parents elect Board of Director members and the School Directors provide an update on the areas of focus for the upcoming school year.

Year-Round Calendar

Year-round education is a concept which reorganizes the school year so that the traditional instruction period (180 days) is distributed throughout the year with regularly-scheduled breaks interspersed. Year-round education has emerged in the past 20 years as a major trend in both public and private schools. Studies have shown that the advantages of year-round education are numerous:

  • improved achievement
  • better retention
  • improved teacher and student attendance
  • reduction in discipline problems
  • reduction in teacher stress
  • increased motivation among teachers and students after returning refreshed from more frequent breaks
  • increased availability of enrichment opportunities during intersessions.

Montessori of Macon’s school year starts mid-July and runs on a cycle of four 9-week school sessions and 3-week breaks in the fall, winter and spring.  During the summer, Montessori of Macon has a 6-week break.  For our working families, Montessori of Macon offers Camp during most of our breaks.  Please check the school calendar for Camp dates.